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Once there was a time … when the term „CCCP“ stood for hope and change of a communist regime to a member of the world community that shares our common values.

Rather a marketing-gag we knew it was that symbol, that gave a positive image to that „brand“. When Rasputin came up with the name, it was the time of „glasnost“ and „perestroika“, we couldn’t even know, that the whole system will collapse only a few years later and Germany was reunited.

Even if we never were pretending to be or have close relations to russians, we inevitably met some and can’t say, they appear in way that could proove any prejudice towards russians. I strongly believe, that there are more rightous people over there, then we think. Just take a look at these youtubers who report via VPN straight from Russia – they are different!

EBM is a musical development from the classical Industrial formed by the sound of the early 80’s

The whole big black mush is fundamentally one anti-attitude towards society.
In this context, the „normal people“ are given one provocative slap …

But we see it DIFFERENTLY

EBM and also the Gothic area is generally passive, apolitical, and has no real message to the rest of the world.

Except for the CCCP Band from Frankfurt am Main, they are more than democratic

It’s not like many other subcultures that have developed out of a certain attitude of protest.

There are three types of followers of the scene, but of course they do not have rigid boundaries, but rather blur into each other.

On the one hand there are those who are part of this scene out of a certain „romanticism“.

This part just likes the mystical, maybe likes nocturnal walks under the full moon, loves Tim Burton films, maybe finds vampires exciting, likes military clothing, likes to play role-playing games and visits medieval markets, has at least one Dead can Dance CD at home, is mentally busy with death and transience, likes old dilapidated houses with moss-covered walls, and quite simply loves the uncanny and the special romance that emanates from the old and the past and may also be diverse, gay or lesbian

Then there are those who just want to be „rad“.

And on the other hand there are also those who just love the music without otherwise identifying with any background.

Welcome to CCCP!